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January 6, 2012
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The first issue of this year! This time I want to present some of the coolest fractals from 2011, it was really difficult to pick out some faves of the year, you are too good!!!  But first, a short resume of last year's happenings. 

What happened last year?

 Pretty lot! There have been fractal circles with tweaking fractals around, both in the group FractalCircles and ponging parameters in #Aposhack , Light SuicideBySafetyPin introduced us for the Inspiration station, the fractal flash mob, a collective feature of different artists. heavenriver has her UF challenge going on…  and f--l--A--r--k has his Apo challenge and it would be great if we could keep up supporting them! We were catched by lindelokse's 3D blooms, and after her tutorial we could see magical blooms popping up in the fractal gallery. We had a succesful project week, a collaborative contest: Back to Fractal Class: and DA fractal artists made it great in Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Artist Contest.…  and here's Fiery-Fire's journal where you can find out whom is whom of the DA winners: fractek and BlurWing started to sell fractal pendants  Fractal Pendants by fractek and Pendant Art by BlurWing Normally I keep my articles ad free, but I'll do an exception, run and buy'em, I've two of Kirsty's pendants, and they get a lot of compliments! 

And now to the goodies:

Forgotten City VIII by raysheafChaleur by synconi-Ella Gance- by silwenkaThe New Zodiac Chart-ApoChal63 by marthigMrs's Howards Picnic by Ann-McLarenPristine by heavenriverThe hill of that day - 20111220-0057-01 by muzucyaA magical Night by SARETTA1Love Is In The Air by Velvet--GloveRhapsody by vulcaniaEvening by findzhaSinging Colors by YulineThe Land of Serendipity by GypsyHSpores by DsyneGrafix:thumb270716072:Absttraction by Absttaquarelle by rce-ordinaryNot Here by lindelokseWinterWonderland by coby01paving stones by kimsmileShine On You Crazy Diamond Pt 2 by Joe-MaccerHall of the Goblin King by jim373Nocturnal Bloom by ChristopherPayneClaustrophobia by Infinite Rooms by MANDELWERKTuneout by OutsideFate:thumb262386239:MandyGlyph by BlurWinglacework by giovannigabrielilipongpi by piethein21Murder in the snow storm by eReSaWScented Swamplands by kayandjay100Black Dahlia 3D by SaTaNiAGlassy bulb by dark-beamWind by pillemasterSoap Bowls by allthenightlongfractobatree by markdowThe Undoing-A New Day by beautifulchaos1untitled fractals: 18 by celestial-voidFun10 by DigithalieStrobiloids by Craig-LarsenThoughts of a Giraffe god spot by ClepsidrasSunrise Ad Infinitum by FarDareisMaiAttempting Unity by SophquestDaydream by dainbramage1the vegas strip by sewer-pancakeFrilly Laces by GolubajaThe Sydian Oracle by xzendor7Ballmap by bib993Incubator by hmnLumia by zy0rgIllusions by domitaliajinxMidnight Lily by ZyndaraDie Weide und der Fluss by Xyrus-02Mysticism by KiugSteampunk beetle by LiuantaLost in Twist by AvantgardaHarvest 11a by 12GOautumn lights by Fiery-FireEndless Journey by pinkal09Pastels With A Story by Iplywittreesfalling moons by Loony-LucyKaroo by de-fractoUndertone by A4067oxygen conversion by MobilelectroTingeling 21 by KattvingeBeginnings by FractalEyesCurrents by Beesknees67Burning Presents by uncubitodehielo88Cityscape by WyrdWolfTechno Sine by Jimpan1973Don't forget your ducky... by rockgemSummer Melodies by carlxMemories Of A Mason by esintuA warm welcome by IDeviantPalodine by Linuron187 - Lost in the wind by russianladScreaming by Fractal-KissVine of Ambition by davebold370What a lot of bubble by caffe1neadd1ctComplex Little Strings by snow-valkyrieMiyabi by EjimacSpring Flowers - Challenge 60 by Brigitte-Fredensborg08042011 a by guagapunyaimelThorns and Beetles II by rosshilbertOverload by milleniumsentry:thumb212163355:Pele by theaverCrackle in the Foreground by SuicideBySafetyPinOctopus Garden by MichaelFaber11 10 10 A by penny5775Dragon's Tail by obeyyourmasterCaoimhe by mutequackyDesert Windsong by Len1muscleflowers by Yubodoc

Recent gossips:

Since I've squeezed a lot of fractals in this feature, there will be less gossips this time,but  I got this one in my inbox:

Our fractal Supernanny, Jimmie Jimpan1973 has recently learnt us how to spank unruly fractal programs: Ultra Fractal Spanking Tutorial by Jimpan1973 and oh gosh, there have never been so many well behaved fractals keeping in line after this. We look forward to new parenting tips from him. 

Until then, happy fractaling :love:

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Fiery-Fire Feb 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmm yummy features and yes, tons of things happened last year and it was a great year for artists :boogie:
Thankies Theresa for adding mine too :blowkiss:
Welcome :tighthug:
Sophquest Jan 13, 2012   Digital Artist
:blowkiss: Thanks so much for the feature! :hug:
lucid-light Jan 11, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Cool, I love those pendants! :clap:
indeed, I love them too! :heart:
caffe1neadd1ct Jan 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much for including one of mine in this lovely collection :D
Welcome, hun:hug:
domitaliajinx Jan 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for including me :)
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