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March 23, 2012


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Fantastic Fractalicious Fractals # 15

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 23, 2012, 7:23 AM
Did you miss the series? I have missed it too, but I thought it would be a good idea to have a break from it until I found some inspiration again. You guys never stop to amaze me, I get new and fresh works, journals and tutorials in my inbox every day, and now I thought I should share it with you. First some news from DA's fractal corner.

raysheaf is planning a tutorial on how to make realistic shapes using concentric circles in UF. Be sure to add him to your watch list if you want this tutorial in your inbox!
Light has challenged Chiara with this one:Waiting for Chiara by SuicideBySafetyPin and I think it's a great idea! It's not like the usual parameter pongs, but a co-operation between two artists with different styles, where the result shows off each artist's style. Just imagine Leichenengel's colourful psychedelic style with :devjimpan73: metallic spirals and shiny gems. Or LeonieZurakowsky's colourful plastic mandelbulb shapes with kr0mat1k's quirky metallic bulbs. Just throwing out the idea, if someone want to go together and make a fractal, I'll feature it here!
Don't forget to read guagapunyaimel's interwievs with MichaelFaber OutsideFate and esintu , and
New updates to apo is here: :
The deadline forheavenriver's UF challenge: is near! Don't miss it:la:
And dark-beam has a new formula here:

And  I stumbled upon this journal by killythirsk An event for Indonesian fractal artists is to be held soon. Read about it…

That's the gossip, here's some of the beauties from the fractal gallery:

Fractal art:
BioSpell by lindelokseCharcoal by FractalEuphoriaSong of the Sun by seven-sa touch of porcelain by GeaAustenThe White Wave by raysheaf2.2.2 by Yourmung:thumb286749234:Mandelbrot 14  - Runaway - by Olbaid-STGoghic by ChaosFissure-NeonSymphony- by silwenkaHobo's by DsyneGrafixDelicate connections by eReSaWGreen Marble Arcs by halakimokDesert Flower of Barsoom by dainbramage1spiral by elrosTuominenGenetic rebirth by bib993Ultraviolece n Malarkey by timemitThe Pottery Barn by SjerZTasin by FarDareisMaiminiature by jost1Let the Sun Shine by SuicideBySafetyPinHybrid #2 (A View from the Floor) by RowrattyReshape by OutsideFateAnasazi by KoAltaiTeMaungaViolets by Shadoweddancerspring by kimsmileLeonardo Forever by Direct2BrainA Place Amongst the Stars by UniversalKinaseLeusa by afugattFire and Lace by Artico621Ainulindale by Xyrus-02benevolence by fractalheadInvitation to the Sun by FractalEyesA Fantasy by Loony-LucySymbiosis by AkuraPareSeahorse Valley by pinkal09trickly by piethein21What Comes After by Beesknees67BabeeBlu by BlurWingDevil's playground by kr0mat1khyalo by Theadora11Bloomin' Firefly's by AmorinaAshtonTweaking The Glass by Astrantia01Cosmic Burn by GolubajaChocolate Odyssey by LaxmiJayarajPure Evil Vampire Empire by MANDELWERKLilith 11 by KattvingeBlue Flowers by allthenightlong

Goodies with receipes (parameters)
:bulletred:MB3D: Boldly Go by GrahamSymCheckmate by MindsEye69Lame II by JulesAlbertPolTungstenTwisters by MarkJayBee
:bulletred:Apophysis: Buckyballs by pillemasterBelle de nuit by DigithalieDisc-Julian flamepack by FfeyEndless Judgement of the Autumn Flavor by mario837
:bulletred:Ultra Fractal: Blossomed Chaos by davebold370Wild Thing Parameters by FractalEyesKattvinges flowers by TanjaGrimstvedtYour choice UF Parameter by TanjaGrimstvedt
:bulletred:Fractal Explorer:FE Weekly 8 Challenge by VickyM72

:bulletred:MB3D:Mandelbulb3D Theli-at style Box tutorial by bib993Hands Away by C-91
:bulletred:Apophysis:Smo quick Elliptic/Splits Apo Tutorial by EpoghPainting a Fractal, Part 1 by ChaosFissure
:bulletred:UF:Visual Guides for UF5 by milleniumsentry

And don't forget to note me if you've something to be promoted in the next issue:la:

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