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October 14, 2011


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This week is :iconcheerplz: Fractal Week :iconcheerplz: held by projecteducate and I'm happy to show you some of the lovely works from the fractal gallery from the latest two weeks.

No idling, just go and take a look!


Spider Web by carbajoDevi 58 by KattvingeNo.137. ApoFractalManip. by CopperColourWinter Mandelbulb by heyday93Kim by WsandidDay 247 by blepfo:thumb262359178:Broken Glass by George13Invasion by fractalfiendsnails by Andrea1981GFractal Agates by beautifulchaos1Pizza by Artico621On the Edge by PharmagicianFestival Night by 21citrouillesGynvael Blath by sci-clonepeering by fractalheadWhen flowers were big by lady-AquaLenaPolis by neonrauschenAutumn Flowers by Gerda1946South American Farm Boss by Very-Old-GeezerHelena by kayandjay100copper trail by rce-ordinaryWinter's Embrace by ArgotharBioluminiscent Life form 3 by TahyonStar Pods by obeyyourmasterMoving On by Beesknees671:2 Reality by mutequackyA Sphereye Autumn by moonhighFour Seasons by davebold370Digitarious by seanwendtEscher Pinwheel by iuliasanStructural Dynamism by CO99A5:thumb261074037:NightCharm by coby01Mechanical Measles by GypsyHPastel Splash by Velvet--GloveHypercybernetic insects by dark-beamThe Last Gate by MalDudemakerReverso by zesk8Glaz by YubodocKoch's Grove by rosshilbertSedona by afugattStill Life with flowers by raysheaf314159265358979323846 by TyrantWaveRomance by SARETTA1UF11 Bride by Xantipa2Will 'O' Wisp by Curious-PhoenixZF independend by piethein21Magic Butterflies by EsmeraldEyesForest Floor by SuicideBySafetyPin:thumb261763614:Delta Coffee Theory by ClepsidrasGears of Abstract by SaTaNiANot A Solipsist by PlatinusGems for Jim by LiuantaTurning Saturday by MichaelFaber:thumb262386239:Spiked Wheel Ocho by JayceCruelOut of the Center by de-fractoevocative by sewer-pancakeInto the Breach by wolfepawInterconnected by mario837Chaos in Planets by AthosLucaAntikythera by FarDareisMai11 10 01 A by penny5775Queen of the Rain by lindelokseDesert Windsong by Len1Lave. by Michel-de-LorientCrystal Garden by SzellorozsaSierpinski's Tomb by BHaines418Pointing Trees by FractKaliAutumn is here... by pavlusaBlooming by Mayuten

Fractals resources

Mandelbulb3d Parameter Pack 1 by 16fingersMandelbulb3d Parameter Pack 2 by 16fingersBack to Nature Script by allthenightlongA Splash of Color + Parameters by snow-valkyrieFractal Stock- Dress Pack X by rockgem:thumb262881512:Combi-flames - Apo tutorial by IDeviantUF Fun with gnarls Tutorial by TanjaGrimstvedt

Fractal articles for Project Educate Week

The F Word: Interview With coby01The F Word
----- Fractal Week Special -----
Interview with coby01

Welcome to another edition of The F Word - Fractal Week Special edition. This week, October 10th-16th we celebrate projecteducate's Fractal Week, I want to give you a special edition of The F Word. This special edition will featuring interview with some fractal artists around deviantArt.
on this edition, i have an honor to interview such a great artist hailing from Netherlands, the one and only coby01. :w00t:
enjoy the interview! ;)
can you please introduce yourself?
I am living in The Netherlands and I am married for 41 years.
We have 1 daughter and a very sweet grandson,he is 9 years old :D

What is the first thing that makes you attracted to Fractal Art?
I was googling and saw a fractal. I did not know what it was, but I liked it very much! Then I was googlin
Fractals in Nature or Nature in FractalsHere is a Feature as part of the :iconcommunityrelations: Project Educate: Fractals Week 2011!
By now you may be knowing what Fractals many other features here explained it I'm not going to define it....
In one of his speeches, Mandel Brot, Father of Fractals, explains how he construct the geometry of things which have no geometry...., shape of Clouds, shape of Coast lines, shape of trees etc...He named it as Fractal geometry!
Self similarity is the main characteristic feature of these naturally occurring things around us...If you observe the structure of our Lungs,
structure of our Nervous System & Structure of Blood vessels we can see this phenomenon.
So we can say that we are breathing through our Fractal Lungs!!! Our blood is flowing through Fractal Veins etc...
In short Fractals are there in nature and we Fractalists try to create nature through Fractals using different Fractal generating programs....
Here are some examples....
Sky / Nebula/Planets :thum
The F Word: Interview With lindelokseThe F Word
----- Fractal Week Special -----
Interview with lindelokse

Hi, Welcome to another edition of The F Word - Fractal Week Special edition. This week, October 10th-16th we celebrate projecteducate's Fractal Week, I want to give you a special edition of The F Word. This special edition will featuring interview with some fractal artists around deviantArt.
This time, i have an honor to interview the beautiful Apophysis gradener, Chiara Bianchineri a.k.a. lindelokse. They said that beautiful women tend to create beautiful piece of art, and I'm sure that it's true because you can see how lindelokse create some magnificently beautiful art.
Without much more addo, enjoy my interview with her. :w00t:
can you please introduce yourself?
My name is Chiara and I'm a 26 years old architect from Italy. I'm a lucky person blessed with a serene life, a lovely family and wonderful friend
Project Educate - Fractal Week - The art of TweakHi there all!
It’s… “Project Educate - Fractal Week”!
An initiative brought to you by SuicideBySafetyPin and the Fractal Community
Check out the link for more info and don’t forget to show up in :iconaposhack: chat room this week!
My little contribution to the Project goes in this article. The main theme is: tweaks, tweakers and tweaking! I’m covering Apophysis program but feel free to read the article to the end to get a general idea of tweaking. :)
To tweak or not to tweak, that is the big question.
First of all, what is that strange word tweaking?
I guess since fractal art began, the programmers of the fractal programs have created formulas and plugins and a lot of resources to use to create the beauties we are, now, so delighted to see. With the expanse of fractal art, other fractalists decided to share their discoveries in form of tutorials or in the for
The F Word: Interview With HalTennyThe F Word
----- Fractal Week Special -----
Interview with HalTenny

Hi, Welcome to another edition of The F Word - Fractal Week Special edition. This week, October 10th-16th we celebrate projecteducate's Fractal Week, I want to give you a special edition of The F Word. This special edition will featuring interview with some fractal artists around deviantArt.
This time, I have an honor to interview a great artist, HalTenny. We all know him by superb mandelbulb3D tutorial and his unusual mandelbulb creation.
without any more addo, here's my interview with him. :w00t:
Can you please introduce yourself?
I was born in New York and graduated in '73 as a music/art major. I'm married with two kids, a boy and girl, and have two grand kids, two boys. We all live together in North Carolina, sans son-in-law who bailed out. I've kept in the arts all along in one way or another including writing
Fractal Flowers for "Project Educate Fractal
Hello there fellow fractal artists and fractal lovers!! This week is "Fractal Week" holded by projecteducate :la: and this article is part of my lil contribution :giggle:
Today we will talk about “Fractal Flowers”, but first what is a fractal?
- A fractal has been defined as "a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole. The term fractal was coined by Benoît Mandelbrot in 1975 and was derived from the Latin fractus meaning "broken" or "fractured”. While fractals are a mathematical construct, they are found in nature, which has led to their inclusion in artwork. (Wikipedia)
So, fractal can be found in nature but at the same time nature can be found in fractals! One of the most representative natural shapes we see in fractals are flowers, and lets gonna be serious who doesn’t like
The F Word: Interview With n8iveattitude1Hi, Welcome to the another edition of The F Word. It's been a long time since the last article. But, because on this week, October 10th-16th we celebrate projecteducate's Fractal Week, I want to give you a special edition of The F Word. This special edition will featuring interview with some fractal artists around deviantArt.
For This edition, I'm have an honor to interview our newest community volunter, the one and Only SuicideBySafetyPin. :w00t: Other cv's give Light a nickname. and did you know what's her nickname? Hyperactive Gerbil :shh: :lmao:
So, without much more addo, here's my interview with her.
can you please introduce yourself?Hi! My name is Light...yes that's really my could have been worse, my brother's name is Pretty Rock..:giggle:

What is the first thing that makes you attracted to Fractal Art?
i was looking for a background on google
Fractals – The Art of Trial and ErrorI remember the first time I attempted fractal art. I wasn’t even on DeviantART at the time. I was talking to some friends over the internet, and one of them, a moderator at the time, was starting a community project to make a fractal tarot card deck. It occurred to me that out of the many artsy things I’d tried, fractals were not among them. I immediately downloaded some programs and started learning.
Platinus offered tons of times to show me the ropes, but I’ve always been the self-learner type, and most of what I know was learned through trial and error. I figured out how to manipulate the transforms in Apophysis, I was able to understand what variations did what, and I taught myself how to make things the colors I wanted them to be.
I learned the hard way about parameter files and what to save. I actually deleted some of my parameters without even thinking because I thought it was a useless file taking up space. I lost some more later due to a computer crash that
Project Educate Fractal WeekHi my name is Light and i am a fractalholic......oh wait ….wrong meeting!
Hello!  Welcome to Project Educate Fractal Week. My mission this week is to try and explain what fractal art is, show you some programs used to create fractal art, and get you totally addicted to it like I am.
“What is Fractal Art?” i could copy something straight from wikipedia...or get one of my well versed fractal friends to give me a technical answer but....that’s just not my style..
I don’t really understand the “math” behind fractal art. I don’t want to. I just want the tools to make beautiful images. Platinus once told me “ a painter doesn’t really have to know what’s in the paint or how the canvas was made to be able to create beautiful work”  so I live by those words. If you have been thinking about trying fractals but stopped because you don’t know anything about the math requir
Project Educate - Epic World of Fractal Art~WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF FRACTAL ART~
What is a Fractal?
A Fractal is a digital artwork that is based on parametres and formulas that are based on mathematics(Geometry). The name „Fractal“ comes from the latin words „fractus“ (fractured, refracted) or „frangere“ (to break into pieces).
Benoît Mandelbrot
The one who coined the term of „Fractal“ was Benoît Mandelbrot. He was a Mathematician born on 20th of November 1924 in Warsaw and died on 14th of October 2010 in Cambridge/US. He  contributed a lot to the thematic of financial mathematics, theoretical physics and chaos science. But the highest popularity he gained with being the father of Fractals.
What is Fractal Art?
Fractal Art is , like name says, Art made from Fractals :D Too simple? Well You can create a Fractal and call it Art and you can create several Fractals and stick them together and call it Art – in either way – Fractal Art i
Project Educate Fractal Week
ProjectEducate Fractal Week Oct 10th-16th
Hello everyone!
We are proud to bring you the start of fractal week. Our gallery has a lot planned and we are hoping that you will have a better understanding of fractal art, get a view of some of the amazing artists we have, and see all the great programs availbale to create this special kind of art!
My name is Light SuicideBySafetyPin and i am your newest community volunteer for the fractal gallery. This is our intinerary for the week. We have lots of fun chat events planned in the friendliest chat room on dA so join us and introduce yourself to this wonderful digital art called FRACTALS!
Monday October 10th
------"Make that Fractal"
:bulletblue:chat event...i will tell people in chat how to make a fractal using very limited info and see what kind of fractals people come up with..
there will be discussions about how to properly tweak parameters in :#apo

Gossips and happenings from the fractal corner

:bulletorange:Iulia iuliasan is back again, with a baby girl :squee:

:bulletorange:Fractal art and artisan craft have merged together, and here's the result Fractal Pendants by fractek by fractek Go and visit her Etsy shop for more goodness…

:bulletorange:Golubaja had a little exhibit in Modena My little exhibit ::4:: by Golubaja Here's the article (in Italian)

:bulletorange:The Apophysis flower style a la Chiara has *sneeze* invaded the fractal gallery, inspired by lindelokse's magic flowers.

Baby Blue by moonhigh3d flower 1 by celestial-voidLily of the Lake by Lupus-deus-estRain over me by WhiteKimahriKarla by AvantgardaWhimsy by The-ApparitionNarcissus Apoflora by OutsideFateWallpaper 67 by Gerda1946Phantom by acidangelsAutumn Magic by Loony-LucyLast Flower by GanjalviApophysis 3d Flower by fengda2870:thumb260823449:Lying Here Alone by TrulyRemThankful For Tutorials by fractal2crybroken embrace by sewer-pancakeBlooms2-1 by PersistentAuraBloomed by typologicBloom by teen-lobotomy

Wanna to create such beauties and cover your fellow deviants in flower dust? Tadaaa, here are the tutorials, by lindelokse and

:bulletorange:lyc has launched a new website for his program Chaotica More information here:…

:bulletorange:Jimpan1973 wins an Internet for this fractal monopoly Fractal Monopoly by Jimpan1973 :worship:

:bulletpink:JunkbyJen holds her 6th Think Pink contest, and of course fractals are allowed. Here's the article

:lightbulb: And the big question many people have asked themselves. How many parameters has Light? dark-beam's poll:… probably will give you the answer and your night sleep back.  What do you think? 42? Zero? A gazillion?

If you've a contest or something you want other to know, send me a note and I'll put it up in the next article. :aww:

Until then, happy fractaling :la:
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Thank you! ! Merci ! je viens d'arriver et une de mes créations est ici ! ! COOL ! !
:hug: de rien:aww:
Thank you so much! Great works;)
:hug: you are so welcome!
moonhigh Oct 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:bow: Thank you so much for including some of my works in your feature. A very great tribute to all the artist represented! :clap:
:aww: You are very welcome!
My, thank you so much for featuring me along with such amazing works from other fractalists! I'm so honoured to be here! :hug:
You are so welcome, dear :aww:
Lupsiberg Oct 16, 2011   General Artist
Wonderful collection :clap: Thank you for sharing :heart:
:hug: thanks!
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